SF Mecca Immersion 2010 - August 6 - August 11, 2010


Useful Information


The Intention of the event

To awaken and nurture individual creative expression

Instead of simply copying what we see on YouTube, and calling it “tribal fusion”. SF Mecca Immersion offers a never-before-seen unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and see how it inspires you to create your own unique style--your own true expression. Longevity as a dancer or performer comes from staying connected to the joy of the dance form. The more you enjoy what you do, and can dance as your own personal expression, the more you will want to continue, and the more that that joy will come through on stage. We hope to tap into that joy and individual creative expression, to empower you to embody your truest incarnation as a dancer and performer.

The time NOT in the studio is really juicy valuable time in the immersion process. When you are not dancing during scheduled hours of the week (for schedule, click here), you are on your own to explore SF. You are encouraged to take some time to revel in the sights, sounds, smells, artistry, and vibrancy of San Francisco--the individual expression, the tattoos, the piercings, the openness and acceptance of creative freedom. Feel how that sits in you, and what may be awakened by walking the neighborhoods, seeing the art, sitting in the café culture. Keep a journal with you, jot down what inspires you. You never know where you’ll get your next stage inspiration.


SF MECCA immersion as an urban ‘retreat’

In addition to all the dance technique and performance focus, the night time parties and the brain-pushing labs to challenge and inspire your creative process, there are also elements of the week built in that focus more on self-care, holistic health, Yoga, and making sure you have a relaxing, nurturing experience. It is our intention that this event be a holistic, healthy experience for all involved.

Please be responsible, independent, and self-aware. San Francisco is an urban city. And common sense applies.


What to expect

This is an immersion event. Rather than a festival, where you take many short workshops from many different teachers, here at SF MECCA we aim to provide a unique, cohesive, transformative experience for a group of dancers, deepening over several days together. The event has an overarching theme, and a cohesive thread weaving together the days. Although the workshops are taught by different teachers, they will all relate to the overarching theme, and contribute to creating a rich experience of the history, evolution, and breadth of tribal fusion bellydance and Bay area style.

This event was born out of an fierce love for all facets of Tribal Fusion Bellydance, the community it gathers, and the quirky, creative, cutting-edge expressive San Francisco Bay Area scene and culture we call home. It is our goal, here at SF MECCA immersion, that you have a positive, enjoyable, and ease-ful experience while you’re on our home turf. Please let us know if you have any questions, or how we can be of service to you during your time here.

SF has a great public transit system. Car rental is not required. All locations are available by public transit, a short cab ride, or by foot.

Airport shuttles to/from SFO and OAKLAND airports run frequently.

Thursday's workshop location will take place at Suhaila Salimpour Studios.
Friday through Sunday workshop location will take place at Twinspace Dance Studio.
Monday through Wednesday workshops will take place at Fat Chance Belly Dance Studios.


What to bring

In addition to your dance workshop wear, your night-time party attire, and whatever clothing and/or personal items you need to feel comfortable in away from home, we encourage you to bring the following:

  • Water bottle
  • Yoga mat
  • Journal and pen
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around town


For more discussion among participants about where to stay for SF Mecca, please visit tribes.tribe.net/sfmecca_immersion.


For the intermediate/advanced track

Please bring any concepts/inspiration that you are working on developing… Anything goes! It’s all fair game. Examples may include: magazine clippings, color swatches, costuming ideas, an old costume you want to rip apart and re-do, photos that inspire you, a song you love to which you want to choreograph, a piece of jewelry, a drawing, a costume sketch, etc. Please come prepared to use this opportunity for feedback and guidance on the creative process.

Still have more questions? No worries! In early July, all registrants will receive an email welcome letter from the SF Mecca Team, complete with detailed information, last minute updates, and what to pack - in order to calm any travel jitters and best help you prepare for your journey to San Francisco, CA.



Questions/comments/more info, please contact deb@sfmeccaimmersion.com.

Please visit us on the SF Mecca Facebook web page.